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Céline & Hervé BONNEL
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* Summer 2006:
- We will be in France from 22 July to 12 August 2006 and will do a ‘Tour de France’: Paris, Lorraine, Mediterranean, Pyrenees, Limoges, Agen. Catch up if you can. The exact itinerary will be published on this site soon.


* April 2006:
- We get the chance to go onboard the French Navy ‘Fregate Le Prairial’, while she was stopping in HK for 4 days. A nice guided visit of the helicopter ship and a great cocktail and diner onboard.
- Easter Week-end on the beach in the Philippines near Cebu. Turquoise blue water, white sand, sun, coconut trees, seafood, massage: such a bliss!
- Laurent and his friend visit us in HK for both work and tourism – good excursions to be planned.
- Hervé in Japan and Italy… still and again!


* March 2006:
- Joséphine & Gerry stop by in HK ; we visit Macau together.


* February 2006:
- We visit Joséphine & Gerry in Shanghai.
- Céline becomes more active in the French Association in HK: Hong-Kong Accueil and invite the younger francophone to gather for some fun events: HK for Fun !
- Hervé business travels again: Japan, Korea and Italy.
- Céline makes use of Herve’s travel to go back to Europe for 3 weeks: Visit Jerome is Glasgow and friends from university + Visit the family in Northern France in March.


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